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Belform Phenolic K-Block Pipe Support Inserts are faced with a factory applied FSK\ASJ vapor retarder and fitted with 180 degree saddle bonded to the bottom section of the block on all standard sizes indicated in the table below.  Load bearing calculations for all standard ranges of Belform Phenolic K-Block Pipe Support Inserts are based on the minimum compressive strength of the relavent density of rigid phenolic insulation( i.e. perpindicular to rise) and include a saftey factor of 5. The load bearing insulation at the support is capable of withstanding the maximum static compressive loads based on the weight of SCH 80 pipe filed with water and covered with 3" thickness of 2.2lbs/ft3 standard insulation including ASJ vapor retarder.

Belform Insul-Phen Phenolic advantages over other insulation materials

1. Meets ASTM E84 25/50
2. Toxicity of smoke is ZERO
3. Very Low Flame Spread
4. Its non-burning
5. Best available thermal insulating properties
6. CFC free formulation provides the optimum energy saving and environmental solution in meeting current ninternation agreements
7. Non- fiberous
8. Closed cell structure resists moisture absorption
9. Suitable for use in food processing, pharmacutical, medical and other clean air environments

Advantages of Belform Phenolic K-Block Pipe Support Inserts

1. Easy Installation
2. Light weight
3. Space Saving
4. Compared to other insulating materials, there is absolutly no         skin irritations.
5. Meets ASTM E84 25/50

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